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Farm-to-Table Cooking & ConKerr Cancer at MHS

Upcoming Events:
1/23 Iron Chef Veggie Challenge

1/26 Project Runway "Dress for Success"  Charity Fundraiser
Suggested Donation $10

2/14 "Little Valentines"
Pre-School Party for Child Development Class

3/15 MHS Family 
Dinner Night

"This garden got me in a real growth mindset." Sophomore Carol Dweck said of her participation in the first year MHS Victory Garden. "I'm not really a vegetable eater, but this year, I've tried fava beans, cauliflower, and even brussels sprouts.   We made a fava bean spread that was really good, but it was nothing compared to 
MHS Vegetable Gardenbaked cauliflower and cheese.  I brought it home, and even my little brother loved it."
       In a collaboration between Mrs. Delaney's Foods and Nutrition Class, and Mr. Frisch's AP Environmental course, and the garden 
club, students constructed four organic raised garden beds near the track behind the Post Road building.  Students planted seeds during May and June last year.  The garden club tended the garden over the summer, to prepare for harvest in September and October.  
      Mr. Frisch's class used the garden to make observations about the difference between the ecology of biodiversity and of industrial agriculture.  They presented their research posters at a symposium conducted in the overpass.  The snacks came from the garden.
    Mrs. Delaney's foods and nutrition classes prepared healthy and nutritious meals to be served to first and second graders at the Chatsworth Avenue Schools.  High School Students helped the younger student
s make posters about the nutritional benefits of the foods they were eating before serving up the tasty treats!

     Students in Mrs. Delaney's advanced fashion donated over 50 hand-sewn ConKerr Cancer pillowcases to Blythdale Children's Medical Center.  The pillowcases were handmade from bright, cheery fabrics.  The donation was made to brighten up long hospital stays for critically-ill patients.
The kids were such little individuals," said Freshman Carol-Ann Tomlinson.  "I just felt like each kid needed a different pillowcase.  Sometimes fair means each person gets something tailored to what they need."

Advanced Fashion:
Diane Ravitch
Grant Wiggins
John Dewey
Jane Goodall

Foods and Nutrition
Alice Waters
Carol Ann Tomlinson
Linda Darling-Hammond
Johnathan Kozol

Child Development
Brene Brown
Sir Ken Robinson
Carol Dweck
Paulo Freire